O n e   M a n ’ s  Q u e s t   t o  S h a r e  h i s  P a s s i o n

by Elizabeth Partridge


When you meet Robert Worsley of  R & D Sales, you get the sneaking suspicion you’re in for something special.   By the time you’ve learned the official barbeque handshake, which is a vigorous touching of the elbows, you’ve already noticed the gleam of excitement in his eyes.   It doesn’t take long before your little sneaking suspicion is confirmed:   Worsley is a character.   I had the luxury of spending an afternoon with Worsley as he prepared a barbeque dinner using an Ole Hickory Pit,   Bad Byron’s Butt Rub® and Ole Ray’s® Sauces.   The smell alone attracted a crowd and he sold a bottle of sauce within 15 minutes of our meeting.


These products may sound familiar.   Worsley and his teammates have been featured on several programs on the Food Network.   You see, Worsley and his cohorts from Bad Byron’s Butt Rub® are well known in the barbeque world.   Worsley will be the first to say, “The reason we’re on the Food Network is because we win.”   One taste of his culinary gold and you know he says this with sincerity.


He began his career by cutting meat in 1976 – the same year he began flying. A crop dusting uncle sparked his interest in planes as a child.  By 1978, he acquired his private pilot’s license. His knowledge of meat came from years of experience in slaughterhouses and retail grocery.  Worsley has worked hard to get where he is, teaching cooking classes, performing demonstrations and winning competitive cooking tournaments.   It isn’t easy work, but it is apparent the man loves what he does.   As he says, “I’ve always wanted to have my own business. It turns out that I’m good at cooking, and I’m making my living cooking barbeque and teaching people. It is very rewarding for me to take someone who has never done barbeque before and teach them how to make world-class barbeque in either the commercial or home setting.”


Click here to read the rest of the article published in The AutoPILOT Georgia September/October 2006

Dreaming of Barbeque and Airplanes

Watch the youtubevideo of Chef Danny testing out our CTO model.  (We left them our Demo and they were so impressed that they bought one.


R & D Sales Inc

Robert Worsley, President

3756 Phillipsburg Rd

Damascus, GA  39841

Ph:  (229) 758-2828



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